Try the 300 workout (you will feel like a warrior when you are done!!!)


Legs and core lets go!!!


1st—put on some awesome music

2nd—put on some o so sexi workout clothes

3rd—get your water


Go through all of the exercises nonstop—if you do stop take no more than 10-15 seconds!! You only have 1 round so my suggestion is instead of stopping just modify to something a little simpler.


Never sacrifice form!!! watch your knees—they should not pass your toes, push through your heel —not raising the toes, glutes go back like sitting ina chair, core is tight!


look it up if you need a pic—prior to your workout!!


here goes…..


15 of each!!!!!



jumping lunges

mountain climbers

walking lunges

jump squats

sit and stand (sit all the way down on a chair,stairs, pillows and stand up)

high knees

sumo squat (squat, stand while kicking leg out to side, repeat on other side)

side squat (each side)

front lunge (stationary lunge front come back to starting)

Lunge back


ski side to side (jump to side on 1 leg touch floor and jump to other side)

squat position (jump forward twice and back twice —counts as one)

ski (on toes switch legs back and forth)

lie on back,  knees bent, raise hips all the way up until on shoulders

1 leg squat—-or hop squat

calf raises

jumping jacks on toes

mini squats (squat position, not too high not too low—squat!)


20 exercises 15 each = 300 workout!! good luck!!


let me know how you did!!!

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