Adding Flavor to oatmeal is what you need to do if you have a hard time eating it or find it boring—trust me it is not the oatmeal it is you!!!! Be adventurous!!!
Sometimes when my clients say they eat oatmeal they add too much sugar (lots of fruit and sometimes a sweetner) NONONO let’s keep it clean
On the flip side many dislike eating it because they feel it’s bland and boring—-but again it is not the oatmeals fault it is YOU!!! anything can be bland and boring You have to be the one to add some flavor!!!!
First off make sure it is REAL oatmeal!! If you are going to do your body good do it right!!! STeel cut oats is real oatmeal.
Tips to remember when making oatmeal



  • Do not add crazy amount of fruit (if possible do not add any!!! The oatmeal is enough carbohydrate why add more?)
  • Watch your sugars (If you must add sweetner get the sweetners that your body will love like stevia, raw honey or raw agave nectar)
  • If you must use milk (use a 1/2 c 2% or non fat milk and the other 1/2 c water, or use a full c almond, rice or silk soy milk—-if you do not like soy try a flavored one like SILK SOY VANILLA OR CHOCOLATE i have made the recommendation and have had only WOW that is great responses:))
  • Read the directions!!! It already takes a bit to make it—so make it right the first time—-WASTED TIME = LOST TIME
  • do not microwave (kills the good stuff inside your oatmeal) — make it on the stove

What tastes soooo good in oatmeal in the morning?

  • Protein!!! YES!! We eat it sometimes protein oatmeal!!! We add one scoop of our protein powder to the oatmeal, along with 1 cup soy milk, 2 cups water and wow it is soooo good!! And we get an awesome balance of Carbohydrate, fat, fiber and protein soooo yummy in the tummy. Great meal to help you stay on the right track to reaching your goals without making you feel like you are on a diet
  • you can also make oatmeal, with soy/water and 1/2 a banana
  • oatmeal and almonds
  • Oatmeal with flavored soy—-is also very tasty!!!

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