aw suga suga

Addicted to sugar? Fight those cravings the easy way——oh yes there is an easy way—you trick your body!!!!


You may be consuming more sugar then you think. Starting in the morning, sugar in coffee, sugary breakfast, eating lots of pasta, rice, processed foods with high fructose corn syrup or even consuming many fruits (simple fruits and skipping meals) and not enough veggies, proteins and whole grains.



Sugar can lead to unwanted things like yeast infections, overgrowth of candida in the body (even in your throat yuck!), bad breath, weight gain, acne, headaches, crashes, fatigue, rashes, food allergies, increased cortisol levels, increased seratonin (antidepressant) levels and much more negative effects on the body.


What to do?

  • eat small frequent portions of carbs, protein and fiber. Focusing on higher protein
  • drink plenty of water
  • fruits like apples, pears, bananas are better choices because of the fiber levels—you can eat 37 grapes but it is pretty hard to eat 37 apples
  • eat breakfast so you don’t binge later and eat everything in sight
  • if you are going to cheat choose dark chocolate, make protein chocolate balls (sweetened with raw honey or stevia), make a jello pie or pudding dessert (recipe below), Tofu cheesecake or pudding is also good, nutella/almond butter/raisins banana on a rice cake maybe add some real fruit preserves—remember trick your body!!!!

Jello pie recipe

pie crust (any flavor)

cool whip (any flavor)

jello (1 big box)


follow directions on making jello. Pour liquid jello in pie crust. Refrigerate 2-4 hours. Add whipped topping and eat!! light in calories, sweet and not as much sugar as that cake or pie you want to eat!! (unless its tofu and most ingredients replaced with healthier options.


The same can be done with pudding. Make pudding. Pour into crust and refrigerate (no cool whip)


Other things to consider…..

  • Get some probiotics/prebiotics that are liquid or in refrigerated pill form!! It will help fight off the bad bacteria
  • If your diet has been heavy in sugar and you are already feeling side effects—-start with a detox —-do not fast simply add detox recipes like broths, herbs in your foods. You can also make juices.
  • Decrease amounts of processed foods cook more at home!!!

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