Cleansing your Home

We know that for a whole body cleanse, we also have to cleanse our home. Most importantly the products we use to clean. We discussed everyday products we use on our skin but carpet cleaners, sprays etc. are just as important. Put your cleaning products in this website


I suggest buying natural/organic cleaning products or making our own. Making your own makes you advneturous, saves money and you will have plenty left over. Buying it is also good but more expensive and not as much product.


Here are common products you can use (basic ingredients)

  • white vinegar-removes grease and mildew
  • baking soda-deodarizes
  • castille soap-cleans anything (good for mopping, washing clothes, body wash,shampoo base)
  • Lemon/citrus solvent-removes stains, makes things smell better. grease remover
  • cornstarch-shampoo carpets
  • sodium borate-softens water,deodarizes,good for wall cleaning
  • isoprpyl alcohol-disinfectant
  • hydrogen peroxide-removes mold
  • essential oils-helps with aroma therapy, makes everything smell better

Other ideas for following a cleanse for the home

  • bring in some plants that help filter out the air in your home
  • open windows/doors when you can to get fresh air in
  • to remove odors from carpet let baking soda sit for 15-30 minutes before vacuuming
  • use essential oils daily
  • have labels on your bottles—most you can use for multipurpose

There are plenty recipes out there. Happy cleaning:)

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