If your looking for a change up in your gym routine here is a full body workout. I listed them as it should appear on the machines at your facility but you can always ask someone there if it seems unfamiliar. Use whatever rep range you have been following to meet your goals.


Seated Row/ Chest press (do back to back, take a 30 sec. break, repeat 2-3 more sets)


Lat or front pull down/ pushups (back to back, 30 sec. break, repeat 2-3 more sets)


Stability ball squat with a dumbell shoulder press (same time, squat and when stand shoulder press)


Stationary lunge with dumbell bicep curls


Tricep rope pulldown (cable machine)/ take same rope, pull behind head, drop to knees and crunch (cable crunch if unsure about form ask a trainer—great exercises if done with proper form)


Bench Tricep dips/ planks


The workout is not long nor difficult to remember. You do full body here with effective and well rounded exercises. You should be in and out of the gym as well.

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