Fun in the SUn

Sun is actually great for you in moderation. At least 15 minutes a day gives you the amounts of vitamin D your body needs. However, people of olive or darker complexion need more vitamin D. In this case, it is great for all of us since we need vitamin D—to increase our dark green veggies, get some sun, and take an all natural supplement for vitamin D. Worried about sun spots? Wrinkles? or already have it? here are preventative methods to have or keep your young, undamaged skin.


Obviously a good diet!!! Veggies, fruits, whole grains, healthy sources of protein, about 3 quarts of water, green leaf tea.


Emu oil softens and lightens age spots

Grapeseed extract prevents age spots —Grapeseed extract oil is also great. (i mix it with coconut oil after a good tan and rub it all over)

Oilve oil and flax oil soap are also good for the face.


I found an awesome reference for this and more information. Check them out—wonderful people i know them personally:) go to youtube and put in VHFILM and you will see the video on age spots.


If you tan in a bed and do so often, all you really need is 2-3 sessions a week. I would suggest bringing in your tanning lotion as well as your grapeseed extract with another essential oil or coconut oil, put it on your skin right after the tan. Not only will doing this provide benefits mentioned above but it will also make your tan last longer!!! Happy tanning:)

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