Massage therapy benefits

Well it is not just fancy oil!!! It is deeper then that!


Massage Therapy is wonderful for your body and if you are serious about your body, recovering from injury, getting stronger, relieving pain, relieving toxins or stress then you should have regular massage appointments same as personal training. The value is high and you only get benefits. These benefits are not temporary like getting your hair done, nails done or buying a tv—-These benefits are for the long term!!!


With massage there are various types. Each and all provide benefits. However,  deep tissue in your massage with some stretching (aka sports massage), I find provides the most benefits!!!You want to feel good and see results. Just like exercise—you want to feel the resistance so your body can adapt and get stronger so the next time you return you are ready for the next progression.


Benefits of massage:

  • improves circulation
  • reduces stress
  • breaks apart calcium stones and lactic acid buildup (especially deep tissue)
  • increases muscle mobility
  • decreases tightness
  • speeds healing time
  • removes toxins (after every massage session must hydrate and flush everything out!)
  • alleviates muscle pain and spasms
  • promotes sound sleep
  • decreases injury risks (alleviating tight muscles/knots/scar tissue)

Who it is good for:


  • EVERYONE!!!!!


What to look for in a massage therapis:

  • they use an essential oil (some are really cheap with the oil and in turn pull on your skin)
  • they get deep and listen to the amount of pressure you can handle
  • they respect what you want to work on (specifically focus on what hurts and what is tight on you that is priority—we want o prevent injury and hospital visits)
  • They fit your schedule (so it will be easier for you to get there)
  • Personality match
  • The prices are not way out of your price range (if it is you will not get it as often as you need it) I have paid as little as 45 for a deep tissue one hour massage to 85—-most charge around $65 an hour which is not bad—if you are getting what is good for you!! not just a nice oil rub.
  • Usually when massage therapist are with a company the company gets a portion of what they make so make sure to tip them $10-20 is a decent range

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