Master Cleanse plus

This is given solely as a suggestion. Everyone reacts differently. It will get worse before it gets better as your body naturally tries to remove toxins. Listen to your body!!! Post any concerns. Suggested fast (only these liquids and supplements) for 3 days. I am going on 3. Then the last 2 days (juices/smoothies) then raw foods (veggies,fruits). Slowly adding items. All supplements are suggested you do not have to go out and buy it. However, even taking it everyday provides a great deal of benefit—so it will help you. This is the easy part. The hardest is transition from liquid to your diet now without od’ing on toxins again daily. We are doing this to cleanse and also make our daily choices better most of the time. We want to instill a discipline and self control. You can still cheat but not 3 times a day, 7 days a week for 15 years. You body is your temple:) Take care of yourself inside and out —-truly love yourself:) because you are BEAUTIFUL:) it will be hard but together we will make it through the rain and it will just be another day:)


Upon waking-

1) 8 oz h2o

2) 8 oz lemon/ginger recipe

3) Green/raw viamin veggie drink if have

4) drink at least 2-3 L H2O daily (on top of all above and below which = out to much moe h20)


Lemon/Ginger recipe

2 lemons (rind of 1)

Ginger (size of baby carrot/peeled)


Blend and dilute with 5 (8oz glasses h2o)


Master Cleanse/lemonade (6-12 glasses daily)          

2 tbsp lemon or lime juice (real!!! you can juice a few and store)

2 tbsp  maple syrup geniune preferably grade C organic (i have grade b could not find C th darker the better) dark amber good!!

1/10-1/2 tsp cayenne pepper (test it out see how much you can handle)

Purifid room temperature  or cold h2o —– 10 oz


Only do if you have a day off and want to cleanse the colon a bit more

Internal salt water bathing

quart h2o lukewarm

2 rounded level tsp uniodized sea salt

drink entire quart upon waking

salt and h2o will not seperate but rather stay intact and wash the entire tract in 1 hour. Salt water has same gravity as blood so kidneys cant pick up the water and blood does not pick up the salt.



Liquid chlorella/chlorophyll (mint)  follow diections—take on empty stomach and agin at night

Probiotic — Bio k (liquid so it starts in the mouth)

Amino acid complex (take 2-3 times a day) (morning/after workout/before bed)

Wheat grass powder and/or spirulina, mixed with water and ice (2x a day)

powder colon cleanse (1/10-1/2 tsp powder—in powder greens or mixed with water)

Healthforce superfoods—– their mulivitamin raw food greens mix with water or wih wheat grass


Working out

Great way to cleanse and it is safe!!! Listen to your body!!! add weights and cardio!!! Play it safe increase everyday—especially if you are not use to working out everyday!!! CARDIO+WEIGHTS!!!


Other important stuff







The Master Cleanse book is only $6.50 and good to have!!! awesome referance!!


Also if you purchase the supplements above—you do not need the maple syrup because the supplements will give you all you need in vitamins and minerals. If you have done the master cleanse you know it only consist of salt water flushes and the actual Master cleanse recipe. I have included my own stuff and ways in this post because of what i have seen work and yield results!!! Good luck let me know how you do!!!

One thought on “Master Cleanse plus

  1. Just finishing Day 2 of the cleanse and going well! I’m hungry but its mind over matter. The hardest thing so far was my workout today. I worked out the first morning of the cleanse and was fine. Today’s workout was difficult and I had to take quite a few breaks. One more day then on to juicing!

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