Natural remedies for cleansing your HAIR!!

I spoke with my mom today and she said about five times throughout our hour conversation how badly her hair itches. She also said she could not wait until i got back home so that i can do her hair. She also said she has a flaky scalp sometimes. I said well you know that apple cider vinegar that you say smells so bad that is still sitting in the cabinet i left there for you? That is wonderful for your hair!! She asked if it will make her hair lighter because of the acidity—well it will not although you may think it would right? If you dye your hair almost everytime you shower you are rinsing away some dye so it is getting lighter there. Dying, chemicals in shampoos/coniditioners actually dry out your hair and scalp. She also asked if her hair would smell like it and i said no and gave her a how to. I was so excited that she was going to try all this that i kept on going with other all natural, money saving and ‘not only good for your hair but for your body remedies’ that it gave us an extra 30 minutes and she is going to try it which is awesome!!!


How to do it?


   Put 2 teaspoons in 1 full glass of H2O and bring to the shower

   Shampoo, rinse

   Take the Apple cider vinegar (Braggs is best!!!) and water mixture, tilt head to side and pour on   

    scalp first then throughout hair—leave on

   shave, wash face, wash body etc. then rinse your hair with water

   put on a conditioner and rinse then you are done


ACV washes away impurities, buildup and stimulates hair follicles for growth. Good for anyone and everyone!!!


You can also make a shampoo tea tree oil castille soap 2 TBSP, 2 TSP ACV, Juice of 1/2 lemon, 1 TSP olive oil —- or stick to the rinse first so you get in the habit dont want to complicate things yet—–small changes yield big results!!!


Also coconut oil is great for the hair. You can use the same jar of coconut oil for cooking, your skin and hair!!! Make sure it is organic, unrefined coconut oil and scoop it out with a spoon if you are going to use the same jar for all three mentioned above.


Don’t wash everyday!! Wash every other day or 2-3 times a week. If you workout daily the way I do and your head just sweats—all you do is get an oil like rosemary, eucalyptus, tea, tree lavendar or peppermint—mix it with a little coconut oil and rub on your scalp —- you can also just mix the oil with a little water and rub that on.


Comb your hair with a wide tooth comb and when it is dry


Try to not have it tied up, if you do, tie it loosley.


eat proteins and veggies!! keeps your hair healthy and growing always!!!! Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate


Do ‘hair masks’ every once in awhile to revitalize the hair. Add avocado, egg, acv, olive oil—mix and let sit 15-30 minutes,  rinse with acv, condition, rinse with water and bam!!!! nothing but good stuff 🙂

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