Protein power

Good protein consumption serves various beneficial purposes in our bodies!!! Get some in everyday!!! Protein has a high concentration of amino acids and low sugar/carbohydrates. It also makes you stay fuller longer, which is very essential when you are attempting to make healthy lifestyle changes and do not want to feel like you are on a diet.


Few of the many Protein benefits;


Metabolism-when your body does not have enough protein, your muscle tissue is compromised. You want more muscle on your body and less fat. Muscle burns more calories at rest than fat does. So make sure you have a proper balance of protein daily.


Hypoglycemia-helps prevent glucose levels from dropping


Tone-Helps keep muscle tone and repairs them. When you workout, muscles are broken down and need to be repaired.


Fatigue-when your metabolism is not working at its fullest because lack of protein you will feel tired.


Increases immune system support-helps the body produce glutamate,glycine,and cysteine—very important antioxidants.


Other tips:


*consume in small frequent portions throughout the day

*15-30 grams per servings

*Have some with every meal, so you stay fuller longer and have a proper balance.


Check out some of the Protein recipes posted!! Do not skip meals!!! Feel good:)

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