RAW is Great for you!!! But did you know it is more than safe for your babies as well?


Breast Milk is the best raw food!!!It is loaded with nutrients and way cheaper then those cans that have processed stuff in it. No bueno for your baby. At least 6 months to a year of breastfeeding is what is recommended. Here are some other awesome RAW foods your babies can enjoy.


4-6 months: diluted carrot juice (real blended carrots)

6+ months: diluted non citrus fruit

6+ months: coconut water

6-9 months: green veggie drinks

8 months +: nut milks

1 year +: Citrus fruit

6 months +: Raw, organic, blended solid foods



If your child is in the non-accepting food stage you can add things to sweeten the drinks. Carrots, apples,pears, dates, raisins, other sweet fruit.


Introduce it slowly to the family. You want mostly RAW in your life so you can get the most out of enzymes, nutrients and much more:)


There are plenty RAW blogs out there you can reference. RAWSOME by Brigitte Mars is also a wonderful reference.

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