Soo yummy!! my client and her family loved it!!!


4 links seasoned italian soy sausage (slice the links)

1 zuchini (slice)

1/2 white onion (slice)

Parsley leaves (real—we used 2 bunches)

Olive oil (2 TBS)

some olives (to your liking—i put in 7 green spanish olives stuffed with red pepper)

Newmans All Natural Tomato Sauce (1/2 jar)


Brown Rice


sea Salt

Oliv oil


Cook the rice seperately:

In a seperate pan saute the onions and sausage. After 10 minutes add the olives, zuchini, parsley (cover and let cook for 10—if you like eating pasrley leaves, zuchini, and onion pretty raw then cover for less), Add 1/2 jar Newmans tomato sauce (cover an additional 5 minutes)


We did it with leftover brown rice and carrots. My client did it with Whole wheat pasta. Im sure the pasta tastes better!!


Make a great deal so that the next day you can eat the sausage mix alone, on salad, with crackers (like a chili) or even on bread.


For breakfast today i was in a rush but the dinner was so good from last night, that i took 2 slices of Ezekiel Bread and added the sausage mix too it—yummy yummy!!


The soy sausage is great!! Tastes delicious!! Plus it will keep you lean and you will feel great after consuming it. Not fatty, salty, hormone free etc. SOOOOO good!

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