Supplementation —lets be real!

Hello world, I am writing to remind you that the place we live in is not the same as 80 years ago. The food we eat is not the same, the soil we grow our food is not the same—-nothing is. In this case, even if your diet is near perfect, more than likely you are still not getting all of your required nutrients.Food is grown and it takes a few days to travel where its nutrients/enzyme levels decrease, then if you cook it you kill off almost 50% more nutrients/enzymes and if it was not organic to start with then the nutrients you started with is even lower.


What does this mean?

  • You are not getting essential nutrients
  • You can still be at risk for much disease/illness etc.
  • this may be the reason why you have not gained muscle or lost fat efficiently
  • you are wasting time—do it right!!

How can i make it better?

  • supplement –go to the nearest health food store (omegas,multi,b vitmains, aminos,buffered C, magnesium–ask your health food specialist for more info.)
  • choose locally grown organic food
  • get the produce from the farm or your health food store
  • always wash your produce veggie wash etc
  • decrease cooking times
  • eat raw veggies and fruits 3-5 times daily (if diabetic watch fruit intake decrease to 2 consume more veggies)
  • get a book/website/eread/ on raw eating if you feel a bit lost—-what helps as well is going to your local WHole foods, lazy acreas, lassens or another type of health food store—with a huge bar of raw food yummy!!! you  get recipes and ideas. There are plenty books out there as well.

Recommended to watch: FOOD MATTERS (netflix)

                                         FOOD INC (not on netflix)


Audio: The China Study


Read: Fast food Nation

          Omnivores Dilema


You can also Youtube a great deal of info. —– plug it through your car —so you can listen and learn!!!

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