Drink plenty  of water—-do the workout nonstop and remember don’t stop believing 🙂




Try some Tabatta type training in your workout this week. Whether at home or at the gym make it work



  • Heart rate goes high then low (inetrvals) so you increase endurance
  • increase VO2 max
  • burn extra fat
  • quick workout so you can add more
  • nice change up
  • gets you sore
  • results are proven when combined with an excellent workout program for you!! and obviously 80% nutrition

If your outside


Sprint 20 seconds rest for 10 (walking) do 5-10 rounds of this, then run at a steady jog pace for an additional 15-25 minutes if possible


If at home


jumping lunges (20 seconds) rest 10 seconds

Jump squats (20 seconds) rest 10 seconds

8-10 rounds or 5 minutes worth




explosive pushups 20 on/ 10 off

pushup position feet in/out side to side 20/10


at gym


Chest day —follow exercise above

back day—-pullups 20/10 followed by straight bar underhand rows


Basically 20 seconds on 10 seconds off for 4-5 minutes explosive movements

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