1 pound extra firm tofu (put in paper towels on plate—with pan sitting on top  keep draining for 15 minute)

1/4c each whole wheat flour, quick oats and cornstarch

1/2 c parsley and basil

2 tsp paprika, basil, pepper

2 tsp cumin, thyme, sea salt

1/2 tsp-1tsp cayenne pepper

1 tsp garlic

2 tbsp olive or coconut or grapeseed oil

put all the ingredients (except for olive oil) in a food processor or blender until the consistency is moldable or in small chunks

Mold the consistency into patties and put in the pan (olive oil should be hot in pan)

lightly cook on medium for 5-7 minutes on each side then serve —i had 6 patties come out of this

I then served it with tomato/spinach/raw onion and peppers over 1/2 c paella rice —-thats what i ate.

today i had two patties in a spinach and broccoli salad for lunch

tomorrow i will have a tofu patty in a lettuce wrap with tomato, onion, spinach, pepper, organic ketchup and vegan cheese!!!

food goes a lonnngggg way when i make it lol!!! makes our lives easier.

Anyway let me know if you like it or try it!!!

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