Training for a 5k is a great way to get in shape, get yourself disciplined to exercise and most importantly to keep you motivated!!!!


You can train for just making it through the 5k or pushing yourself to place a certain time. Either way it is a great goal to work towards.


You need to workout a minimum of 3 times per week. Although, 5 times of training a week is ideal especially if you have not been running. Granted every one is different so if you already workout performing endurance activities, cross training, weigh training etc. it will be easier for you then for someone who has not been working out.


Just remember starting any exercise program listen to your body and start slow do not push too much.


You can alternate this plan according to your schedule but keep the principles the same. For example, the amount of rest, sprint,cross training, weight training and endurance run days.


If you are a beginner and running is extremely difficult jog or sprint for 30 second – 1 minute and walk for 30 seconds and keep that up the full designated time


If you are already running and working out then on the High Intensity Interval days for 25 minutes sprint at 30 seconds and alternate between a jog and walk for 30 seconds as your rest. Also on the days that is solely running do not run/walk instead try and push out the jog the entire time. Also on your cross training days if it is possible go to a spin class, elliptical or high intense kickboxing or boot camp class.


WARM UP 5 minutes!!!! Light walk/jog and active stretching

COOL DOWN after the workout 5-10 minutes

STRETCH!!!!!! Hold each stretch for 30 seconds +, hamstrings,hipflexors,quads, inner thighs,glutes, upper body.


Week 1



Tuesday-  Run or jog/walk 1 mile

Wednesday- Strength train full body circuit if possible (pick 6-9 exercises for various body parts and go through nonstop after each round take no more than 45 sec. break, repeat 3-5 times) Follow by 25 minutes High Intensity Intervals running (Run 30 seconds as fast as you can, walk 30 seconds)


Friday-Run 1 mile

Saturday- Strength train circuits—-followed by a 45min – 1 hour cardio exercise (cross train) for example a spin class, bootcamp, step, kickbox,elliptical, stair climber etc.

Sunday- Run or jog/walk 1.5 miles


Week 2



Tuesday- Run or jog/walk 1.5 mile

Wednesday- Strength train, 25 minutes HIIT 40 second jog, 30 sec walk

Thursday- Rest

Friday- Run or jog/walk 1.5 mile

Saturday- Strength train circuits, 1 hr cross train cardio exercise

Sunday- Run or jog/walk 2 miles


Week 3



Tuesday- Run or jog/walk 2 miles

Wednesday-Strength train, cross train cardio 1 hour


Friday- run or jog/walk 2 miles

Saturday-Strength train, cross train cardio 45 min-1 hr

Sunday- Run or jog/walk 2.5 miles


Week 4



Tuesday- Run or jog/walk 2.5 miles

Wednesday-Strength train, crosstrain 1 hour


Friday-Run or jog/walk 2.5 miles

Saturday-Strength train followed by crosstrain cardio 1 hour

Sunday-Run or jog/walk 3.0 miles




Remember to……


  • Eat plenty of veggies, fruits and protein
  • Drink lots of water 8-12 glasses a day depending your body type and level of activity
  • Eat small frequent portions throughout the day, most meals consisting of your vegetables and healthy protein
  • Healthy fats are great too like almonds, walnuts, avocado etc.
  • Restore your electrolytes through banana, coconut water etc. after a workout and if you can before as well.
  • An amino acid complex is also a great addition.
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Watch your form always, you want to prevent injury so you can get stronger, train longer and not be set back


Other things to consider. Watch a video on running properly on you tube.

If you have time for a reading BORN TO RUN is a great book. If you are part of a gym schedule a session with a trainer so they can give you a strength training circuit routine ensuring your form is proper. Also a massage therapist is wonderful to have too as your body gets so tight, and tightness leads to injury!!!!

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