A microscopic Algae!!! It provides so many benefits and is a must in your kitchen. It comes in droplet form, liquid or capsules. The Liquid Mint flavor is best, it helps freshen breath and readily enters the body just like the drops. I personally met people that when they started taking this their sweat didn’t smell as bad, or they stopped wearing deodorant because of the daily use of chlorella. Recovery after heavy training days is very speedy when supplementing with chlorella which means when it comes to your workouts and your goals, they will be reached must faster since you are repairing quickly.



  • Internal deodorant
  • increases oxygen in the blood
  • daily detoxifier
  • reduces stress in the body
  • loaded with proteins/amino acids
  • loaded with vitamins and minerals
  • many antioxidants that fight free radicals in your body
  • strengthens the immune system
  • Speeds muscle soreness and recovery
  • Great for patients under chemotherapy as it helps reduce the symptoms of fatigue, stress etc.


If you are on a low iron diet do not exceed 4 tsp per day because chlorella has iron!!! Otherwise…..IT IS GREAT FOR YOU EVERYDAY, ALL DAY THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!!!

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