Ursolic Acid

Whoah!! this is hitting the supplement companies bigger then ever!! results are real!!! If you do not get it in supplement form you can and ALREADY SHOULD BE consuming it in the foods listed below. I am sure there are more—-do your research!!! In my competition S.A.N has just released their Ursolic acid supplement — good stuff!!!


Ursolic acid

  • medicinal plant used for years!!

Where it is found

  • oregano
  • lavender
  • thyme
  • peppermint leaves
  • basil
  • cranberries
  • pears/apples (the peel contains the acid!!!)–an apple a day will keep the dr away:)
  • rosemary (also great for your hair and repels fleas off dogs)
  • plums/prunes


  • antitumor
  • hair growth
  • reduces muscle atrophy
  • reduces cholesterol levels
  • antiinflammatory
  • antiaging
  • decreases sugar levels in blood
  • loaded with antioxidants
  • muscle growth
  • decreases fat mass

To increase your levels consume the foods mentioned above—-choosing organic, locally grown and sent to health food stores will have the highest levels!!!



I have never had a concentrated dosage of ursolic acid daily but i know one thing i feel great when i eat those foods above.

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