Vegetarian eating try it:)



High veggies, high fiber, high protein, low carbohydrate (mainly high amounts of veggies) ,low dairy (if any)— it is the way. I always get asked whats the way to eat to lose weight —whats the fastes way, how do i heal this, how do i prevent that. It is simple but the question is how bad do you want it?


There is no secret eat right, exercise daily, sleep consistently and enough for you, smile everyday and enjoy your life!!!


Do your own research and find your way. Eating right is a lifestyle it does not have to be a diet. I was raised eating white rice, beans, meat and salad most nights of the week. As i got older i did my own research, had new goals and tried it out. Long story short i still can eat rice and beans i just make it way healthier. Brown rice or quinoa made with garlic,onions,peppers cilantro,sea salt and pepper with beans,sweet potato,celery and a nice salad or side of fish. All you do is adjust what you eat to a more raw lifestyle.


I am actually in a competition currently with my boyfriend and I still eat like a vegetarian but it is a bit stricter and yes!—-i am still seeing muscle gains and fat loss!!! Here is the plan i was on this week—every week changes because i love to cook  and try new things!!! i ate every 2.5 to 3.5 hours depending the day and my activity and worked out every single day.


upon waking—–8 oz water, 8 oz lemon water


BF—–2 eggs,over raw spinach/onions/tomato, vegan cheese (half slice) and

some whole wheat saltine crackers!!!  (had it everyday for the whole week)


Lunches—–garlic/sunflower seed/asparagus with brown rice and fish (dinner left over from previous night)

brown rice with red kidney beans and asparagus

protein bar

veggie/egg scramble

tofu buffalo wings

1/2 banana,chocolate protein and wheat grass shake

beans with shrimp, brown rice with veggies inside


Dinners—–beans with shrimp inside and brown rice

breakfast for dinner

garlic/sunflower seed/asparagus with brown rice and fish

brown rice with kidney beans and asparagus

crab in olive oil over spinach, tomato, peppers, onions, broccoli

sauteed crab with onions in brown rice and beans


Snacks—–protein shake

hard boiled eggs


banana/peanut or almond butter


protein bar

greek yogurt (only once)

broccoli and carrots with homemade dip

protein no bake balls


Today was my “cheat day” i cooked a paella (rice with all kinds of seafood in it) and had it with extra fish


Had an awesome tofu and raw veggie salad with lentil and quinoa mix


soy protein shake heated and mixed with sweetened matcha powder


almonds in honey roasted peanut butter


oranges/lemon juice shot from vitamix!!!



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