When your breath smells like your booty…..

Do you have bad breath? Maybe you do but no one has told you?


well then…..CHECK YOURSELF!!!!


What it could mean….

  • dry mouth
  • food particles trapped in mouth
  • disease in the mouth—gingivitits, cancer, gum disease, ulcers
  • underlying disease—like of the stomach or bloodstream (if it is really bad like you have been dx with halitosis then check with your physician for other possible disease)
  • heavy candida in the body (white tongue/yellow tongue or ‘fur’ on tongue) if this is happening then you need to do a candida cleanse!!!! this yeast is taking over your body you can die from this!! many other diseases and conditions arise from candida
  • dehydration
  • too much plaque buildup
  • too much caffeine/alcohol
  • poor dental hygiene
  • throat condition like GERD/Acid Refulf, tonsillitus etc.
  • eating too much protein (not so good proteins) and not enough veggies (real veggies—not from a bag or can!)


How to fix it…..

  • Floss daily
  • brush at least twice daily (morning and night)
  • brush your tongue or get a tongue scrubber
  • get a natural mouthwash use at least once daily in between meals (contains enzymes that help fight and neutralize )
  • drink plenty of water
  • decrease or stop smoking/use of tobacco products
  • see your dentists when they tell you at minimal twice yearly because they get rid of that plaque build up you could be having
  • sometimes we get white pockets you can see of you open your mouth—thats food trapped and it lets off a foul rotting smell, sometimes it breaks into balls and you swallow it, chew or spit it up—you can go to your dentist or see how much you can get it off with a toothpick.
  • decrease alcohol consumption
  • decrease sugar in the diet including all heavy carbohydrates which are sugar!! Bread/rice/pasta/pastries etc.
  • decrease acidic products like coffee, fast foods, bad fats, etc. increase veggies, veggies veggies and then some fruits. Will help balance everything
  • go on a cleanse eating veggies, salads and veggie, brothy like soups
  • chew on organic or all natural gums because the regular ones have alcohol and all other kinds of preservatives/chemicals that actually increase dry mouth and temporarily covering it up—which makes you not fix it—also promoted growth of unhealthy bacteria making your breath stink more the next time
  • Chlorophyll is a breath freshener that can be purchased at a natural food store, it freshens you from the inside out and has tons of benefits. It is also found in your dark leafy greens —veggies!!!
  • eat breakfast
  • eucalyptus, tea tree, and peppermint oil a dab of it on the back of your tongue freshens breath and provides many other benefits.
  • get some tea tree oil toothpicks

Sometimes the ones you love and care about will not tell you how bad your breath smells, so you need to take care of it yourself. Bad breath can make friends, coworkers, loved ones or possible soon to be loved ones not want to go near you because of how bad your breath smells. Yet some of them will go tell others how foul your breath is. So as long as your diet is on point (which provides many other benfits then just healing your breath issue), see your dentist regularly, brush and floss daily and make sure you are taking care of any other diseases or underlying issues (you should already be doing if you care about yourself or the people around you that care about you) then you should be good to go!!!

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