Why is it so dark under there?

I was recently asked, ” Why are my armpits so dark and how do i get rid of it?”

It is embarassing for some of us when we have dark armpits, knees or elbows and the darker your complexion the darker the area. Well I have great news for you!! You can get rid of it naturally. However, just like with everything else (and i know i am a bit repetitive but repetition works) CONSISTENCY IS KEY!!!! You can not change something that has been transpiring for all or most your life in a day, it will require time before seeing results. The more consistent and anal you are the better your results will be. Soooo let’s get get to the nitty gritty already!!!


How did it get so darK?

  • Chemicals
  • dead skin cell build up
  • not exfoliating good enough when you shower
  • toxins/chemicals high in diet
  • excessive sweat
  • soap/bodywash/lotion/deodarant/perfumes (chemicals/skin allergy)
  • shaving

(more than likely it is a mix of this stuff)


How do i get rid of it?

  • Slowly get rid of all that toxin filled, expensive, doing no good for your body (inside or out) crap in the shower!!! Replace with natural items!!! Your skin absorbs everything—it is like your mouth — it eats it so what you put on your skin is in your blood—-in your body!!!! no no no bueno!!!
  • Organic unrefined virgin coconut oil (rub a little bit under your arms after the shower—-also great for your hair(leave in conditioner/styling, skin (lotion) and food!!! save $$$)
  • Scrub your amrpits before bed¬† and in whenever you shower (loofah, body brush, poof ball)
  • Use a natural soap or body wash (can find anywhere) or make your own with some castile soap, glycerin and lemon oil (cheap, will have lots of each product left over and lemon will also help remove buildup on skin)
  • When you go to bed do not wear deodarant (why? your sleeping!), if you’re home all day do not wear any deodarant!! (it will smell if you sweat and it will itch because your body is detoxifying itself—-my armpits itched soooooo bad for three days!!! when i went deodarant free!! now i only wear deodarant and its all natural before i workout or when i am wearing go out clothes)
  • If you are really committed to getting rid of these dark spots, on top of all stated above I would create a cream maybe 3 tbs baking soda and squeeze some lemon juice in there until it forms a paste—-if you can get a lemon oil that would be even better!! lemon oil + baking soda into a paste and rub under arms (after scrubbing with exfoliating all natural soap/bodywash preferably one that has tea tree oil or eucalyptus in it)—sleep with it
  • If you do not have to shave —don’t!! Maybe every other day or every 2 depending on what you are doing —I workout 5-7 days a week (teaching and doing own workout) i alternate (so i will not have to shave everyday) between tank tops and long sleeves at the gym—some days i go two days without shaving and some 1, but i use a mix of coconut oil and vitamin E under my arms, as well as no deodarant and when i do its all natural, and i always exfoliate under my arms since i sweat when i workout (sometimes i wont be able to shower until 5 hours later because i teach, workout and still have work–so i srcub hard!!)
  • Get vitamin E capsules pop with needle and some days after exfoliating and shaving use vitamin E (just a little so you do not have greasy feeling armpits)
  • I have not tried potato juice but i have heard it can help lighten the armpits as well.


What about my midnight knees and elbows?

  • There’s this little girl in my family that i hold close to my heart and she is now in her teens —-so pretty but her knees were sooooo dark (i barely knew any of this what i am saying now) and it looked like dirt—-i told her in the shower scrub hard with soap and a brush on her knees then put some lotion on them when she gets out. Well she did every single day and still continues to and her knees are not dark!!! She is now 14 and her knees look great (because she is consistent!!!)
  • Elbows same thing!! I would suggest getting a toothbrush (new) and use that so scrub the elbows maybe with a mix of baking soda, lemon juice and natural soap everyday maybe even twice daily (since it is easy to do right over the sink) and then add some cocnut oil when done.
  • Dry skin could also be a sign of dehydration or not enough omega fish oils in the diet so increase them both!!!!!


After care when it is all gone?

  • Well why not keep it up? Not every day but when you shower (expecially if you workout) scrub those armpits, elbows and knees.
  • Use an all natural soap (make it or buy it) you are only doing the body good and saving money
  • Coconut oil is great to keep up again save money, cheap in the long run and multiuse with 1 jar!!! (can use in food, hair, skin or as a daily supplement!!)
  • Vitamin E (can eat, put on scars, stretch marks, moisturize face etc.)
  • baking soda (removes odors from areas in home, can make multiple pastes, natural teeth whitener, can use in food, clean house with etc.)
  • Lemon oil (can pour in bucket of water when ready to mop the house, can use as a final cleaner to lively the scent in the house, can pour into coconut oil so your skin has a hint of lemon etc.)

The list can go on and on!!! Most inportantly it is what you do to the inside that can also effect the outside sooooo lots of water and veggies!!! Lower/eliminate bad fats and sugars!!!

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