My previous awesome boss when i lived in NJ posted this on facebook “Skinny girls look good in clothes, fit girls look good naked” Ladies BUILD MUSCLE you will not bulk up we do not have enough testosterone too. For every pound of muscle you build —- sitting down doing absolutely nothing you burn up to 50 calories, whereas fat burns 1-3 calories per pound (see the importance already?) Also another question i think it is important—– DO you want to be able to walk or chase around your grandkids when you are older? Then build that muscle!!! Muscle supports your bones and gives you strength to walk and do daily activities. Trying to lose weight? build muscle so you burn fat!! do cardio so you burn it faster, eat right so you burn fat, keep muscle and look/feel good!!! DO you like waking up with a bad back? Not being able to hike, dance or swim long because you get tired? well build muscle exercise!!!! Want to easily keep weight off? well build muscle !! cardio, cardio cardio all the time will not help you easily keep it off unless you are a marathon runner and have a clean diet—–However if they do not weight train and stretch properly eventually they end up with knee/hip pain. Put yourself up to the challenge, stop complaining just do it!!!! Where there is a will there is a way!!!

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