You dont see them but they are there!!!!

Dangers of pesticides?

  • increases estrogen levels in the body increasing cancer risks, hormone imbalance and much more.
  • The chemicals/toxins are neurotoxins—-so usually hide in our fat (more fat you have the more toxins you are carrying around)
  • reacts with our central nervous system
  • Has led to Parkinsons diseasen and prostate tumors.
  • We are not getting all of our nutrients because of all the pesticides/waxes/additives our food has.

How to reduce my risks?

  • Eat organicically
  • choose your local farm (if can depending on location) verse supermarket food (we go through Babe farms and get a box of veggies every 2 weeks for $24 and it lasts us, some of veggies are organic/natural some are not)We also head to farmers markets to pick up some fruits and raw honey.
  • wash your fruits and veggies at all times even if it says washed
  • stay away from canned, processed, already made food items
  • cook and eat fresh (saves money, makes you an adventurous cook, you will be more healthy and reach your goals)
  • Veggies, fruits and whole grains before anything else (processed etc.)
  • Try to eat organic meat and fish—-or decrease consumption and choose soy products or other protein sources for consumption (also eliminates the consumption of hormones/antiobiotics/food additives/dyes, nitrates/nitrites, bht, fat etc.)

Recipes to wash?

  • We now use SunSmile it was $5 you can get it online (we purchased it from the health and fitness expo in La) We mix 1 capfull of sunsmile in 1 gallon water. It is unbelievable how the veggies come out looking—-as if they were blanched for 2 minutes!! What a difference and the water after we are done is dirty looking—-this stuff works!!!
  • You can also rinse in Vinegar (apple cider or white) Use huge salad bowl or pot fill with water, put 1/2 cup vinegar inside and let soak as many veggies/fruits you can fit in there for 10-15 minutes, rinse, lightly dry and freeze (for later use) or refrigerate (for quick use like next 1-3 days)
  • In spray bottle add 1tbs white vinegar/apple cider, 1 tbs lemon juice to 1-2c spray bottle—-spray on veggies leave on for minimum 5 min -15 min rinse and use!!!
  • When make salads and have vinegar as base anyway —make salad pour 1 c vinegar and 1 cup H20 let sit 10 min, rinse with H20 and add rest of homemade dressing if desired.
  • Buy brush to scrub veggies/fruits when possible——ESPECIALLY strawberries

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