Detox everyday the easy way

Being that the new year is now upon us, there is an amazing interest in detoxification of the body. I have other posts in the blog of simple cleanses and detox plans however it does not have to be extreme. Why are you waiting for the new year to come or an important date to detox your body? Do you know you can do it every single day without changing much of what you eat? It is as simple as only including at least 5 of the highest delicious detoxifiers in your daily regiment of meals. A little everyday makes a big difference at the end of the week. You can also be one step closer to reaching or maintaining your goals every single day verse attempting it once a year.

I used to be that same person that would wait and then go into extreme detox plans. I would suffer for a few days, struggle to stay on it but i would be extremely deprived. It would be worth it after the detox was over because i would see and feel results, however it would not last long. This is why!! because it is only temporary and we go back to eating what we ate prior to the cleanse. The hardest part of cleansing is not staying on it for a week, but rather incorporating its new principles in your old diet routine and to stop eating junk. In the long run you are only “yo yo dieting” which is not good for your body because you lose many nutrients your body needs while suppressing the immune system.

Benefits of cleansing or detoxing is lowering your risk of disease, increasing energy, exposing lean muscle mass, losing weight, clearer brain, in control of your hormones/moods, decreasing inflammation in the body, decreasing pain, stimulating organs to work mor eefficiently, protecting cells from damage and much more.

While detoxing you want to avoid meat, dairy, alcohol and sugar as much as possible. Try to go at least 3 days out of the week without the stuff mentioned. Drink lots of water or even some green smoothies listed under the recipe section.

Include at least 5 a day!!

  1. ARTICHOKE*detoxify liver and gall bladder
  2. FLAXSEED*detoxify harmful estrogen, high fiber for bowels, antiinflammatory
  3. GREEN TEA* fat burning, clear thinking, detoxifies,
  4. DAIKON RADISH*clears mucus from body, cancer fighting, releases an enzyme that fights estrogen imbalance
  5. GARLIC*heartsaver, encourages production of glutathione (detoxifier), protect from cell damage
  6. KALE/SPINACH/ARUGULLA/CHLOROPHYLL*blood cleansing, oxygen increasing, detoxifier
  7. TURMERIC*increases liver potential to rid chemicals, boosts bile flow, reduces inflammation
  8. ROSEMARY*helps body produce glutathione, rejects toxins, liver stimulant
  9. LEMON*increases fat metabolism, great for the skin, weight loss, rids liver toxins,suppresses appetite
  10. KELP*reduce inflammation, help the liver, protect the body from radiation
  11. APPLE CIDER VINEGAR * alkalizing to body, liver detoxifier, decreases inflammation, fat metabolizer
  12. BEETS*colon cleanser, increases oxygen, cancer preventative


Graperfruit, pomegranate, blueberries are also wonderful to incorporate. Just add some to a shake, salad or in your meals and you are one step closer to a healthier you!!!

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