5 days until iron man naturally bikini npc competition

Okay i was supposed to post this yeasterday but …..HELLO:)  Alrighty yesterday i was 5 days out from the IRON MAN NATURALLY BIKINI COMPETITION NPC PRO!!! So friggin excited my first one!!! I was in san jose and workjed out at the Marriott for literally 30 minutes 15 min on elliptical, 15 min chest and pushup routine quick!!! i then ran to church which was amazing!!! Shout out to WESTGATE in San Jose off sarratoga avenue, had lunch at the Veggie grill with my dog and went shopping all the way down the 101 back home lol. I only cheated once with cake batter popcorn?!! I mean how can you not??? plus my birthday is wednesday:) LIFE IS GOOD!!! its better its GREAT!!!!

When i got back into town i went to Anytime Fitness got my second workout in Back and chest for 25 minutes and spin bike/precor ellipticcal for 45 minutes combined. Its crunch time i gotta get these workouts in!! Went home made plenty of moves and got some shut eye!!!

Today is again a new day and i feel AMAZING!!! 8 hours of sleep uninterruptecd hello REM sleep and all natural HGH release 🙂 SO excited yet another day closer the excitement makes me want to jump out of my body!!! Woke up did laundry, cleaned, updated my blog, ate breakfast walked the dog and spoke with inspirational and humble people all morning!! DAX JOYNER for Europa and previous competitor told me all the tips about tanning, and also schedule of future europa shows and the university —-which i will be attending:) He then gave me an awesome contact KRIS MURRELL also another competitor and works for Europa and will be wokring for PRO TAN too at the LA FIT EXPO she gave me nothing but good news and secrets an di get to meet her back stage!!! My Bikini by VIZION COUTURE IS DONE!!!!  it is beautiful i just need a yellow flower:) My tan products came in from supplement direct, i just ordered my shoes and turbo diet tea half and half is waiting for me at the vitamin and herb store 🙂 I will also be a promo model for MET RX on sunday 9-5 Thank you JOE!!!! This week and weekend is bringing me exciting opportunities as always another successful and blessed week!!! And my birthday is wednesday so i will have plenty of luck and more fun on top of that!!

Today after running all my errands i am going to sneak in a nice flat run with my sweet little boog boog shes such an angel!!! Then training a few clients, teaching also ZUMBA AND 2LEGIT2QUIT…. then back at the gym for weight training, Yesterday i was not looking forward to all the cardio but once you start it that regret goes away. You have to see the light at the end and remember why it is you do everything you do and you know what the beauty of it all is?!?!?! If you do not like it you change it!!! Look at me im everywhere that does not require me to stay in the box!!! and im happy:) Busy is me life happens once!! well for some of us it keeps repeating…..in a good way everyday:)))))

Be strong!! Get out there do what you can!!!

I started my day with a barley, lentils, 2 eggs, broccoli and veggie cheese omelet—delicious!!!! i ha dit twice already actually, along with green tea and coffee!!! On the rest of the days menu i have grapefruit, quest bar, protowhey green and protein drink, tuna fish salad, soup and raw veggies and hummus!!! Oh and lots and lots of water and caffeine and vitamin C to preserve this skin:)

“Be in the NOW, everything you do only worry about it at the moment, negative thoughts not an option” (stranger on a plane, i switched seats and we sat next to eachother everything happens for a reason—-you hear, see  and do what you need to when its your time—it’s not your plan everything happens for a reason!!!)


Keep giving the gift that never stops giving——-LOVE!!!

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