Getting motivated ……i think?!

My birthday is tomorrow, my competition is in three days …i was super super excited but im realizing more and more especially from watching previous NPC videos ………….this will be a challenge. These girls are beautiful and i know we have all worked hard for our body but i am getting a little bit nervous now because i know i could have began sooner and it starts with the perfect clean diet for YOUR body type. I know what to do but i need to do it more and that is sleep and diet stronger.

Seriously tonight was a big wake up call!! Ill be up late….practicing my turns and working out!!!Got a good run in this am around 815 then worked and came home late. Tomorrow ill be running again at least 3 miles, teaching zumba, bootcamp (i dont really workout in bootcamp), then go train some clients and weight train after. Thursday and friday its serious juicing and protein shakes with 1 gallon of water minimum the next three days out.

I got my suit from Vizion Couture and it is beyond beautiful definitely a winning suit!! I just have to remember i am doing this for fun and i have to show it!! I am getting a bit worried my body is not at its full potential yet ūüė¶ but i have still worked really hard!!


Tonight i did my toe nails and hands myself!!! they are super sparkly like the stars:)¬† and my awesome hairstylist Katherine took extra time out to squeeze me in for my birthday into her busy schedule—-changed it up big time !!! dark red with some brighter red highlights!!! I just need my yellow flower, some curls and BAM im ready to go on stage!! Also got my tan kit today so i should be pretty dark thursday night into saturday morning.

Things i will do different for Februarys show

1. Start training once i am done with this one

2. Work on poses more

3. start dieting strict at least 2.5 week out (cleansing, veggie juices, amino acid complex,WATER etc.)

I should have remembered from my last competition that i was seriously so strict three weeks out and when it came down to it by body was in tip top shape better than ever—–my glutes still needed work but they were better than before. Wed, thursday friday this week consists of minimum two hr cardio daily, 30 min weight training, and getting sleep!! Sleep is so important and literally stops your body from growing!!!¬† Anyway i know i am all over but ahhhh if you have stuck around and kept up with me this long you know i am all over the place….gotta covewr lots of ground in a small amount of time!!!

OOO totally forgot!!! Exfoliating!!! The experts have told me over and over agin this week exfoliate!! best thing is non oil based so the tan sticks well like saint ives or even what jan tan or pro tan make (exfoliating scrub)——best thing to use with it?!?!?—–hand glove!!! yes better than the loofah!! so i will yet take another shower tonight after i dance around and jump rope —–and heavy duty exfoliate!!! i looked up the benefits too and they are amazing—So whats the big deal about today?!?!? Um yea …..

  1. DONT PROCRASTINATE (Story of my life —always give me the extra push but last minute grrrr)
  2. DONT STAY UP WATCHING ENDLESS  YOUTUBE VIDEOS OF YOUR COMPETITION  (just watch one or two so you learn, discover and practice)
  3. SLEEP
  4. DIET FOR YOUR BODY TYPE VERY STRICTLY AT LEAST 2.5 WEEKS OUT¬† (however your diet should be improving everyday—last few days are crunch time every LITTLE thing becomes big and counts!!!

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