7 lbs in 7 days juice diet

Want to finally feel amazing and vibrant every day? reaching the weight loss and last bit of tone you have been working so hard for? Well let’s do this! in the interum lets also add some essential vitamins, minerals and lots of enzymes which regulate every process in your body!!! Enzymes also reduce the risk of disease, inflammation, candida/yeast infections, acidic body ph and much much more!!! Following a typical diet you lose many of these enzymes and its functioning. The benfits of juicing are very much rewarding.

There are also many options and different pricings for each. You can purchase an actual juicer, where pulp is extracted through the back for later use, a vitamix/ninja/nutrabullet where no pulp is extracted but rather the whole vegetable or fruit is converted to juice for consumption. For storage? Mason Jars have worked best according to many of my clients, however drinking right away is best for optimal results and nutrition!

Remember Organic fruits and veggies is always the better option to reduce pesticide/gmos.

A friend that i met through my zumba class, Dawnette, moved to a different state and soon after began juicing!!! She would exercise consistently on a daily basis, weight training plus cardio. However her amazing, life changing and long lasting results for her and her family did not come until she followed this 7lbs in 7 days juice diet!!! She sent me all the information so we can share it with the world:) She is now in transition and has still seen a weight loss and still incorporates juicing daily! I am so proud of her!! People called her crazy, thought she was ‘starving’ herself and to others it made absolutely no sense. Despite all the negativity around her she pushed through and her and her family have seen results for a better lifetsyle. Try it yourself and see. It is very popular!!! There are more benefits than what i mentioned above, the list goes on and on. All you can do is experience the LIfe Change for yourself!!!

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