Did you notice all womens problems have MEN in it;)?


MENstraul cycle

MENtal illness


MENstraul cramps


I can see clearly now why some male doctors are so confused when we walk through their door:)

We are going to talk about signs of PMS and simple ways we can ease it starting now.

What are a few signs?

  • acne
  • cramps
  • hot flashes
  • excessive sweating
  • irritability
  • bloating
  • tenderness in chest/low back pain
  • sadness/mood swings
  • headaches
  • fatigue

Oh and the obvious…

  • you are all of a sudden always right
  • people actually are respecting your privacy
  • everyone around you has a crazy attitude problem:)

What can you do?!

  • EAT YOUR VEGETABLES —-eat more of your crucierous veggies it helps flush out the extra estrogens.
  • EXERCISE (improves circulation, releases endorphins) at least 30 minutes a day
  • YOGA or any form of meditation

*Other things to consider

  • We are all different and experience different symptoms. Take note of yours and exactly what happens, when and how you feel. This will also help your doctor better help you. If the pain is severe go to the doctor.
  • Eating veggies, limting or eliminating alcohol/high refined carbs/caffeine, staying hydrated, exercising, limiting stress—all help balance the hormones more.
  • Vit D. St Johns Wort, B6, and magnesium all help with mood, hormones, cravings, sleep, fatigue etc. There are also great complexes out there. Check out your local Health Food Store.

There are awesome apps out there that also help, you can download for free on your phone and journal it all. There are even reminder alarms so you can at least prep a few days in advance!!!

Just always be aware and prepare, we can not run from it but we can still have a happy day and not let it get in the way.

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