Recipe for succes:)

salad in jar


Hardest thing about staying on your lifestyle food for fitness journey is the convenience/ideas/time/money/ prep etc.—–especially if you are super busy like I am.

I usually utilize regular storage containers but they take up too much space and i already have a great deal to carry!!! So i saw this and figured wow i must try and share!!!

I put spinach, carrots, celery, tuna and braggs spices and apple cider vinegar in two of them.

In the others i put raw spinach, celery, carrots, broccoli and leftover chili i made a huge pot of two days ago.

The chili is totally vegan it does take a bit to make but here is the recipe

1 organic red kidney beans bag (whole bag follow cook instructions)

1 organic black beans bag (1/2 bag follow cook instructions)

1 org. white onion

2 sweet potatoes big

2 bunches cilantro

5 stalks celery

4 large carrots

Braggs sea salt, 24 spices, olive oil , chili spices (tumeric, cumin, cayenne, pepper, paprika etc or get package)

organic real tomato sauce 16 oz

4 tomatos


Cook all beans in seperate pot will take about three hours to make (drain when finished)

Add all other ingredients in another pot chop however you like cook on super low for 2 hours

Mix both pots together

ITS DONE!!! You can put it in a whole wheat tortilla, eat with bread, eat it alone, with wheat thing crackers, over spinach etc.

This recipe makes a great deal of chili so it will last you!! It was for me for the week and i gave some out to people in mason jars , i have been consuming it for well this is day three now and i still have some left.

Whenever you have time to cook make a great deal!!! It will only bring you closer to your goals, save money, save time and if you have a family they will also benefit from you making extra leftovers vs everyone choosing unhealthy options because of convenience.

No matter your goals, even if not for weight loss, then for time, money, convenience, keeping good food around for your loved ones—–make it easy!!! People see results by journaling, thinking and planning ahead.


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