homemade bath oil recipe—Miracle Potion*

after bath before bed miracle oil!


You need a

*4fl oz glycerin bottle (if you can empty half into another container or you can purchase empty containers for homemade oils/sprays etc 4fl oz)

*5 drops colloidal silver

*1o drops rose hip seed oil

*10drops neem seed oil

* 5tbs coconut oil (can run jar under hot water to solidify)

Fill 1/2 the 4 fl oz bottle with glycerin, add in drops mentioned of colloidal, neem, rose hip then the coconut oil and shake up!! if you still have space in your jar add more coconut oil!!!


I leave it right in my shower so once i am done (before patting dry) i apply the oil.  It will harden if it is a bit chilly but you just run the bottle under hot water in your sink, or leave in your bathtub while showering and it will liquify.

Why is it a miracle potion?!

*nail fungus, lice killer, treats scabies, insecticide,skin allergies, eczema, contraceptive, raises immune system, treats many skin disorders,antibacterial


*fights acne/wrinkles/blemishes/cellulite, cancer fighter, antiaging, rich in vit c and omega 3/6

*moisterize, soothes, lubricates, hydrates, psoriasis, burns, bug bites,calluses, hair

*repairs burns, skin/tissue damage, scars, skin disorders, warts,sores, rashes, on pets—good for infections

*deeply moisturizes, good for rashes, conditioning, lubricant,antiaging, wrinkles, stretch marks


These are only SOME of the many benefits and uses. However there is so much more you can do with each of these powerful ingredients so YES it is worth it!! you can find  these at your local health food store!!

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