“Shoot for the moon, because IF you miss you will always land among stars”

My name is Jenn Star and I live, breathe and talk (a great deal of talk) Health, wellness and fitness in every aspect there is for the mind, body and soul. I am a Jersey girl born and raised and now migrated to the west coast getting jiggy with it 🙂

In highschool I participated in softball, volleyball, varsity swim, drill team and dance team. I then joined the military  part time upon graduating, which was one of the best choices of my life!!! I started at WOW as front desk girl and had three personal trainers until i found my match and i trained with him for 2 years. I began PERSONAL TRAINING through WITS 2007, then received my YOUTH FITNESS SPORTS CONDITIONING FOR KIDS through ISSA quickly after. A year later I received my SPIN  certification through MAD DOGG ATHLETICS, ZUMBA, GROUPD EXERCISE INSTRUCTING through AFAA, CPR/FIRST AID/AED through the AHA. I also have my associates degree in DIETETICS/NUTRITION. I have continuing education certifications through NASM (NEUROMUSCULAR STRETCH, DOTFIT,BIOMECHANICS), WITS ( RUNNING, SPORTS NUTRITION), MAD DOGG ATHLETICS (PERIOD BREATHING PERIODIZATION) and many others along the way. I still continue to take continuing eduction credits to stay in the “know”.

I am also a fitness model and do various other modeling as well since 2000. Pageants, 2 commercials, an anchor for a web based show, a music video, print work on flyers, cards, various promo modeling for supplements/exercise/nutrition/liquor, photoshoots etc. My bio and more photos can be viewed here www.modelmayhem.com/star3655

I was in SAN (supplement nutrition company)  FLAB TO FAB TRANSFORMATION  and won the grand prize!!! which was pretty grand:) I also am competing in the bikini competition at the LA FIT EXPO 2013 my first one for IROIN MANY NATURALLY. I will also be a promo model for METRX sunday hope to see you there……Many more to come!!!

I love participating in outdoor activities—–every week!!! If im not on a mountain or flat running, im dancing, hiking or at the beach!!! I love participating in local muddy runs and health nutrition fitness expos!! I love pictures and being everywhere that does not require me to stay in the box:)

I am downright honest and will never withhold information!!!! If you ask my advice do not give me excuses. We are all fighting a hard battle some of us just hide it well:) We all start somewhere you are successful already by taking the first step so get out there and lets do this!!!

Forget the haters, always be bigger, have faith, hope, action and always BELIEVE!!! anything is possible:) You are way stronger than what your brain or others tell you!!!




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