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quick workout!! no equipment needed high calorie burn!!!! 1 workout is 4% of your day no excuses:)

Try this awesome high calorie burning, no equipment needed workout we did on New Years Day.

Tabatta 20 seconds on 10 seconds off 8 sets each exercise, download the HIIT tabatta app. To your phone and the timer will go off for you.

Warm up 5-10 minutes (cardio machine, jumping jacks, jump rope etc.)

Core* side v-up

            Plank up/down (forearms then up to hands and keep rotating)

             Sit up (legs straight out) followed by a V-up (hands and feet meet in the air)

             Jumping jack pushups (youtube it pretty serious!)

Legs*   jump squat and jump lunge combined

             Plyometric skis (side to side)

             Surf (jump squat then turn and jump into another jump squat)

             Lay flat down on the floor and stand all the way up (killer for abs/legs/and an awesome self    

             defense ninja tactic!

Upper* swan dive (it is a great burn!)

              Spider pushups (but down knees to elbows—failing? Drop to forearms keep driving those knees)

              Plank position (drive elbows back and close to body—arm rows without the weight basically— 

              NO HIP ROTATION)

Stretch and go eat something nutritious and deliciousJ