Macros diet +

Macros how to / what is

Here it is!!! No secret eat clean, train and rest! This plan is so popular amongst bodybuilders and all sorts of competitors. It works! check out before and after pictures with people on this macro diet the results are unbelievable and what a difference going from flat to tight, ripped and lean! It is a bit more of a complicated nutrition lifestyle change. However, if you are serious and want to go hardcore this will be nothing but simple for you. Just a few calculations, menu planning, ambition and you are good to go.

I have a show ten weeks away, I wanted to share what I have been doing and what has been working. There are plenty other diet plans, sample menus and cleanses on here that have helped others and others no….why? Because everyone is different. This plan works for everyone as long as you are willing to keep up and put a little umpf in it. If you are looking to do a show, get ready for a photo shoot or just want to change up your plan, this is a good way to go because you can incorporate all your previous plans without changing anything really!

Now we all know the multiple ways to calculate your caloric range, basal metabolic rate and much more but who wants to do that? Follow this link they 110% all about macro nutrition. Punch in all your info and they do the calculations for you!

Next step, get a food scale. I purchased mine for $7 and it only measures about 16oz but that’s enough for me. All you want to do is get an idea, learn to measure your staples. After three weeks you will be able to eye ball mostly everything and have an idea.

Sample diets include these staples:

■Chicken & turkey breast
■White fish (grilled)
■Steamed vegetables
■Brown rice
■Rice cakes
■Oats or plain oatmeal
■Protein Shakes
■Egg whites

Plain? Yes but if you can bare it for a few weeks you will love the results and save lots of $$$. Here is a few of my plans since I have been training for this show—keep in mind I have been following macros so my proportions vary per meal.

Rice cake (big), Peanut butter + homemade jam
Brown rice/black beans/turmeric/kale/tofu
Protein shake (almond milk, spirulina, vegan Arbonne Protein)
Protein pudding
Apple cider vinegar, Aminos, L glutamine, L Lysine, Vitamin C

Tuna over kale (with mayo)
Rice Cakes w/PB
Protein Shake
Tofu + quinoa (turmeric/kale)
Apple cider vinegar, Aminos, L glutamine, L Lysine, Vitamin C

Oats/ Arbonne protein powder/spirulina
Vegetable + black/pink/lentil bean soup
Protein shake
Rice cake w/PB (3-5)
Tuna salad over kale
Apple cider vinegar, Aminos, L glutamine, L Lysine, Vitamin C

2 eggs, veg. cheese, kale
Protein shake
Rice cake w/pb
Strawberry lemonade
Tofu + sweet potato
Apple cider vinegar, Aminos, L glutamine, L Lysine, Vitamin C

2 eggs, squash
Veggie sausage, quinoa pasta, avocado
Protein shake
Rice cake + pb

Protein pancake, veggie egg scramble
Protein shake (meal replacement oats/spirulina/protein powder/almond milk/chia seeds)
Apple cider vinegar, Aminos, L glutamine, L Lysine, Vitamin C
Quest Bar
Tofu + sweet potato

2 eggs, veggie cheese, spinach, vegetarian Italian sausage (my favorite)
Protein shake (oats, Spirulina, Arbonne vanilla protein, chia seeds, and almond milk)
Kale salad, tofu BBQ sauce, beets, eggplant, quinoa, red kidney beans (etc. from whole foods)
Rice cake (PB, banana, agave nectar)
Protein Pancakes (spirulina, protein (so clean!), banana, PB, Oats, Fruit snacks (little cheat so good!)

For the most part, since most of this is home cooked, the plan you see for each would be the same for 2-4 days depending on what it was and how much I cooked. I am one of those people that definitely needs flavory in the foods I eat but I can stick to staples for the most part. Also I do not eat meat (only fish, eggs, and anything tofu related) so you can add meat in my replacements.

You can eat any kind of food you like while doing IIFYM. Clean, dirty, paleo, low carb, high carb. Anything you want. The key, is tracking your macronutrients, and stay within 5 grams of your daily allotment. However, if you want to see results I would stay away from junk and pay close attention to your staples!

Just input all your info in this calculator and it will give you all your daily limits! I would break everything down for you bit it is a great deal of calculations to do on your own with a great deal of error. This calculator is pretty specific and works. It is made by trainers and coaches—even competitors themselves.

Journal/my fitness pal

People that journal their diet lose up to 80% of their weight and they see results fast! You would be surprised of how much or how little you are eating when it is written down. On the macros diet it is mandatory you journal what you eat for at least the first 3 weeks and if you are training for a show document every time! I cannot express it enough how important tracking is. I always recommend my client’s journal their meals. Myfitness pal app is a great app for keeping up with your macronutrient levels or you can do what I do and just write it down.


Weights + cardio at least 4-6 days a week! Even a 20 minute HIIT workout (article on this workout in this blog) has proven much benefit! You can do splits; change it up with classes etc. Classes are great I know because I take them and I am an instructor for spin, boot camp/sculpt, zumba, yoga, kids sports conditioning, trx and kettle bells—-however if classes is all you do you better have a plan! You need a weight training program that fits you and a cardio class intense enough to work for you! Or you will be essentially taking forever to reach your goal’s and plateau  wasted time is no good. For example, maybe weight train on your own (GET A TRAINER! Be safe and get something that works for you), and jump into a cardio class —change it up with boot camp one or twice a week etc. There are various plans on here for at home or at the gym.

I have been following Kris Grehtins (great personal trainer and coach) plan its 12 weeks long and has a mix of Mr. Olympia’s’ style of training plus jay cutler and many others. I am on week three of his program and the results are amazing! He is a great trainer and has done his research if you want a training plan that specifically fits you and need a nutrition plan then email me I can calculate your macros for your or give you a different diet plan. Nutrition plans don’t stop when you have reached your goals or when you are not training it is a lifestyle’s change. it goes on forever and each one is personal to you! It should not feel complicated.

How do I feel on my new training program and nutrition plan?

Great! The hardest thing was the fast but I feel great and I am used to it now. I feel a great deal of support and relief, knowing that some of my clients, friends that are competitors and even my boyfriend are on this macronutrient diet and also seeing results.

Fasting/holistic side

I have also researched the 16/8 belief and it’s basically eating all your macros in an 8 hour period and fasting for the other 16. Most people already do this and don’t even realize however they do it all wrong. They eat whatever they want but don’t eat past 8 and don’t eat until 12 the next day. You can also do 14/10 which is a bit easier. Basically you reap all the benefits of fasting—longevity, cleansing just to name a few and you learn to appreciate your food more, eat less, and increase your metabolism and much more. You do not have to follow this concept however I do and it works! What I do have during my fasting time, is coffee (homemade not from a fancy coffee place), beet juice, apple cider vinegar mix, coconut water, vitamin c/l glutamine/lysine, and an amino acid complex. It is really not difficult at all plus you will be doing more for your body than ever. You can follow a basic macro nutrient plan and make it fit your lifestyle like I did. I am sure you have seen being part of the blog how much fasting, clean eating, juicing, exercise and longevity are supported in the blog (this is why I incorporated this into the macronutrient plan).

Cheat meals

As long as you meet your macros you are good to go! Not every day but whenever you need it and only if you crave it. Try not to make it an all-day free for all events because you will feel like crap and take not see results as fast.

What will it take?

-Ambition because you are on a mission!
Secret to success?

-PLANNING! Plan your meals, figure out your macros, measure your food, plan your training, fit all this in your busy or not so busy schedule—there is always time! The busiest people do it! It is all about how bad you want it and how much time you are willing to dedicate to it. Do you have favorite TV shows? DO you spend a lot of time on the computer doing stuff non work related? Then trust you DO have time! I do not have a favorite TV show; I don’t even maintain this blog on a daily basis not even a weekly basis, I only post motivational quotes on the book of face, pictures and hosted events—-why?! Because I have no time I have a crazy busy happy loving life —it is about making the time! Just believe you can do it and you will!